SEO: Rel=Canonical

Everything You Wanted To Know About Rel=Canonical Big search engines such as Google and Yahoo first started supporting the rel=canonical tag in Feb 2009. In simple terms, it may be defined as a tag that is used by Google and other search engines to identify duplicate pages on a website for the search index. Many […]

Finding Profitable Keywords

Finding profitable keywords for your website isn’t the most glamorous part of SEO, but it’s by far the most necessary.  Keyword research is a dry, data driven task but it does provide a window into what your customers are looking for.  They’re the written evidence of  people’s curiosity and behaviours. So how are the best […]

Measuring the ROI of an SEO Campaign

Anytime you embark on an SEO campaign, you need to be able to measure the results, determine whether you time and money were being used effectively.  SEO is one of the most common methods of small businesses use to generate leads.  So how do you measure whether or not your SEO campaign is working for […]