Measuring the ROI of an SEO Campaign

Anytime you embark on an SEO campaign, you need to be able to measure the results, determine whether you time and money were being used effectively.  SEO is one of the most common methods of small businesses use to generate leads.  So how do you measure whether or not your SEO campaign is working for you?Measuring the ROI of an SEO Campaign

Here are four ways of measuring the ROI of an SEO campaign:

  1. Rising Organic Traffic

More traffic on your website is generally a good sign that your SEO is working, but where the traffic is coming from counts too.  It’s important to see whether the traffic is coming from people searching for your brand (the name of your company) or from search terms related to your business.  Here’s a real world example to demonstrate.  Say your company is Ray’s Roofing based out of Seattle.  Ranking for “Ray’s Roofing” are good but ranking for “roofing contractor Seattle” is much better.  These are what’s called nonbranded keywords and you can check your Google Analytics console to see which keywords or phrases are driving traffic.

  1. Increased Inbound Links

Inbound links are the heart and soul of SEO and an SEO company who understands how to build them properly is worth its weight in gold.  Everytime another website links to yours it’s like they are giving credit to your expertise…a vote of confidence.  Google takes these into account when determining where your website will end up on the search results page.

It’s important to remember that not all backlinks are created equally, in fact, far from it.  The best type of backlinks you want come from trusted authority sites that are relevant to your business.  Building quality backlinks isn’t easy and it should be done by a knowledgeable team who knows what they are doing.

  1. Increased Conversions

A conversion is when someone lands on your website and then takes the action that you want them to, that could be filling out a form or calling your business.  There are two important elements that will improve your conversion rates, the first is traffic.  Getting lots of traffic is great but you need the right kind of traffic, the kind that is actually looking for what you are selling.  The second element is your website, you need an optimized landing page on your website that will take that traffic and turn it into a lead for you.

  1. Most Importantly – The Bottom Line

Looking at conversion rates, building backlinks and measuring traffic are all important tools and the inner geek of every SEO guy loves that stuff, but that’s not why you hired them.  You hired them to increase your bottom line and that is the only metric that matters.  Having wonderful links and a beautiful website are irrelevant if your website isn’t generating income for you.  More money in your pocket is an excellent way of measuring the ROI of an SEO campaign.

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